Part tracking that actually works.

PartBolt is the easiest way to track and organize electronic components.

Connector, Coaxial, u.FL/UMCC, 50 ohm
1 in stock • (no package)TE Connectivity
256K (32K x 8) I2C EEPROM
2 in stock • DIP-8Microchip
Transistor, PNP, 600mA, 625mW
5 in stock • TO-92MCC
Information, at a glance
Know where parts are, where they're being used, and how many you have left.
Full traceability
Every usage of a part is traced. Got a bad batch of parts? Instantly find affected products.
Stay on the same page
Add multiple users to your database, ensuring that everyone stays in sync with each other.
Fast and lightweight
An inventory system only works if it's used. PartBolt is simple, without the clunky interfaces of traditional inventory systems.
Save time and money
Instantly know where everything is, at any time. Plus, you'll never accidentally buy something you already have.
It's your data
You can export your data as a machine-readable JSON file at any time, so you're never locked-in to PartBolt.
Spend less time looking for parts and more time on projects.